Villa Susanna

Luxury Caribbean Paradise

Imagine waking up and looking from your bedroom into a kaleidoscope of turquoise blues and greens, colors of the
Caribbean Sea from the shoreline to the distant horizon, taking a few steps from your bed to a balcony with an
eagle’s view into a deep gorge where the sound of the waves produces the music that rocked you to sleep.

Imagine descending a spiral staircase from the bedroom to the kitchen/living area where each stair down reveals different
views of a magnificent tropical garden awash with different plant life and a sanctuary for the many hummingbirds who begin
their day by sucking nectar from the many vibrantly colored flowers.


Villa Suites

Common Areas

Villa Susanna is both spacious and intimate.
The construction involves the use of many of the natural resources of the region with the finest Italian design. The choice of furnishings and
the overwhelming magnificence of the dining table will leave indelible memories to the visitors. Perfect balance has been achieved in the use of
natural and artificial light. The property enjoys sunlight from dawn to dusk, and boasts bird's eye view of unimaginable beauty sunsets.

Just approaching and entering the property gives a deep understanding of the project, to explore layer after layer the free-flowing places, each of
which is designed to capture the views and the natural charm of the area, combining the natural beauty and luxury in perfect balance.

Saint Lucia

Romantic, charming, bright: Saint Lucia is an island in the Caribbean archipelago
of the Lesser Antilles famous for spectacular scenery and wild nature.