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FEB 22th, 2016

We have just arrived back in New York after our stay in Villa Susanna with our friends and family from England. We made some comments in the visitors' book, but I thought we should send you an email to let you know that we had a wonderful time, to convey our thanks, and most importantly to let you know that we think that you have created something quite remarkable and very special. We have stayed in many villas in many countries, but Villa Susanna stands apart.
The setting for Villa Susanna is of course spectacular, but the design of the Villa is superb. It maximizes the views, and the open plan living area in conjunction with the three separate suites allowed for our large group to never feel crowded. There are so many private and inviting places to sit and enjoy the weather, the hummingbirds, the view and the flowers. It was like having our own private hotel. So happy were we at the villa, that we hardly went anywhere - except for our two boat trips with Roy to snorkel on your magnificent motorboat.
We also highly commend your staff. Lucilla produced excellent lunches and dinners for us all, Anne and her assistants kept the place neat despite our number, Nina was very efficient and the rest of the staff were unobtrusive.
It was not just the design of the villa, but also its Balinese furnishings that we felt were wonderful. It was difficult not to feel as if we knew you, such was the insight the furnishings gave us into your taste. Particular things that impressed us included the huge and imposing dining table (what is the wood? How much does it weigh? How did you get it there?), the dramatic entryway glass chandelier (how on earth did you get that there in one piece?), the many interesting art objects and the stunning gardens and omnipresent flowers (the orchids sprouting from coconuts strapped to the palm trees, for example).
It was of course very hard to leave, and we all would love, dollars permitting, to go back there one day. Even if we never do, please know that it was a privilege to celebrate my birthday in such a place, and to receive our thanks for the opportunity to enjoy it. There are few places about which the word paradise can justifiably be used. Villa Susanna is one of those places.

JAN 9th, 2016

Happy New Year!
I had an amazing time at your place. Villa Susanna is spectacular. The staff was amazing! The entire experience was true paradise!


NOV 14th, 2015

Dear S & S,
I wanted to sincerely thank you both for our glorious stay in your beautiful home.
It is truly a magical place, with beautiful views, fabulous spaces to relax in, interesting and tasteful art work and gardens that shimmer with colour and wild life.
The attention to detail and care with which the Villa has been built and maintained is something I’m sure you’re very proud of so thank you again.
I also wanted to compliment you on how well the Villa is run with particular thanks to Ann and Lucilla who not only are lovely people but very professional and capable ladies as well.
Our rooms are always impeccably cleaned and Lucilla’s cooking has been of the highest standards.
We’ll all be very sad to end such an unforgettable holiday and leave St. Lucia and its friendly welcoming people and hope to return one day in the not too distant future.
Until then thank you again from all of us who will cherish the time we’ve spent together here in this little jewel of paradise...

Kind regards,


IMAGINE waking up and looking from your bedroom into a kaleidoscope of turquoise blues and greens, colors of the Caribbean Sea from the shoreline to the distant horizon.

IMAGINE taking a few steps from your bed to a balcony with an eagle’s view into a deep gorge where the sound of the waves produces the music that rocked you to sleep.

IMAGINE descending a spiral staircase from the bedroom to the kitchen/living area where each stair down reveals different views of a magnificent tropical garden awash with different plant life and a sanctuary for the many hummingbirds who begin their day by sucking nectar from the many vibrantly colored flowers.

IMAGINE the smell of fresh coffee and oven baked bread with a palette of fresh tropical fruit ready to be served anywhere you choose from the gourmet kitchen to a living room fit for the gods or the exquisitely positioned pool and gazebo.

IMAGINE your hunger satisfied, your thirst quenched and your body stretched out surrounded by nature and the symphony of sound coming from the birds and the nearby sea.

IMAGINE a masseuse appearing to dissolve every last drop of stress from your body or enjoy the large swimming pool overlooking the sea and indulge in the Jacuzzi.

IMAGINE taking a short languid walk through a tropical garden to a little cove below the house to lie on the beach shaded by trees and within touching distance of a sea teeming with snorkeling opportunities.
Or maybe take the boat,  to discover the beautiful coast of the island  in a way that most people ignore.

IMAGINE the evening,  a romantic drink in the gazebo to observe the silent majesty of the sunset, ever different daily show, waiting for his "green flash",  magic wink that makes a date for tomorrow ...
Then the dinner by candlelight, served in an amazing salon open to the garden, interpreted into a compound by the finest blend of Italian and Caribbean architecture.

IMAGINE yourself lying on the canopy of the Belvedere deck, watching the endless stars  at your fingertips ...


This is Villa Susanna!

Villa Susanna is situated on the edge of the Caribbean Sea in one of the most romantic and picturesque bays in the Caribbean: Marigot Bay, Saint Lucia. 
Andy Warhol once said: “I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want to own”.
The search for a unique holiday destination begins and ends here. Mr. Warhol would have been proud of the conscientious effort to achieve total harmony in the style and expression of this Villa as it relates to the natural environment. Every facet of the construction considers the climate and the soothing comfort offered by the prevailing breezes which sweep continuously over the property.

There is a perfect blend of comfort, casual living and sophistication to create that unique magic, peace and comfort that you want from a vacation.  
Villa Susanna provides the comfort of a first class resort with privacy and flexibility in the scheduling of activities for a couple, couples, families or group of friends.

Thank you so much for visiting our website. We built this home as we enter the sunset years of our life. We have been fortunate to travel the globe and we have been fortunate to make friends all around the world. For whatever reason you choose Villa Susanna as your next vacation stop, we sincerely believe that you will enjoy it as much as we have and as much as we intend to. We are proud to be part of St. Lucia and our hope is that experiencing the beauty and tranquility of this gorgeous island, its cheerful and fun loving people, you too will want to keep coming back.